Squawk - a pupil report generator

Squawk - a pupil report generator for teachers.


Squawk allows you to enter and save a bank of statements that you can then feed in markup language to. This markup language allows you to switch your statements between male and female (for example, switching between "he" and "she" automatically.

The teacher will enter a pupils name, select whether they are male or female, and then click through the statements to build up a longer report. The report can then be copy and pasted into a word-processor for further formatting.


First squawk release


Larger screenshot

screenshot of squawk


Currently, there are two release - a windows one which does not need a python installation and a python source code one which will run on any platform with a python/tkinter installation.

You can download these packages from Sourceforge.


You can email the developer for support at kabads AT users.sourceforge.net

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